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Be the adorable spider you've always wanted to be and swing through the trees, spin sticky webs, and make friends with bugs! Webbed is now available on GOG.COM!

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Hello everyone!

I got immediately intrigued when I saw the little spider not only swinging on its thread, but also being capable of connecting multiple threads into an actual spiderweb including catching something inside and moving the trapped object by connecting or disconnecting individual threads.
That is really awesome!
And I never even saw a video game doing or allowing something similar.

Further considering the overall cuteness of the protagonist's animation and mobility, it became an instant buy for me, as well.

Kind regards,

P.S.: Does anyone here know the Nintendo Wii game "Deadly Creatures"?
One of my favorite games in the past where the player is in control of smaller critters, such as spiders and scorpions!
There should be more games with such unique perspectives from a miniature size protagonist.