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El Presidente comes back to steer the ever-challenging wheel of politics and governing. Tropico 6 is now available on GOG.COM with a 35% discount lasting until 28th February 2020, 2 PM UTC.

Once again you must prove yourself as a feared dictator or peace-loving statesman on the island state of Tropico. Only this time you go big - an entire archipelago of isles is now at your disposal. Moreover, the option to steal world wonders and monuments will grant your office even more prestige.
Nice to see another sim game here. $35 is about my max for this and I'd get it even with the cash grab separate soundtrack but the extra cash grab DLC that should be in the main game is too much.
I would love to buy the game and DLC.

But I found this bugs that ruins the game and not sure if they have been fixed yet.

Any one knows anything about it ?

There's two major oversights that appear to be in the coding of the game that can cause your economy to completely spiral. If you ever wondered why you suddenly stopped getting income from your ports and why the economy in the game doesn't appear steady this thread explains why. I discovered these under Seguridad Social but I believe they have been in the game since Beta and complained about numerous times leading to upset players.

1) Clinic and other fun, religious, etc. type buildings.

It's possible for a clinic worker(s) to go into their own building seeking healthcare. If both workers go into their own clinic this effectively locks down not only the workers but everyone in the clinic. So now your workers from farms, ranches, teamsters etc won't be able to work. This same effect happens to a lesser effect on buildings with more slots available but it's still possible for the entire building to get locked up. A church having one nun visiting her own church effectively locks up ~8 visitor slots and then the people visiting just have to wait. I've had churches with up to two nuns visiting their own church making the building effectively a money sink and useless. Since the building itself is always the closest building they will visit it as long as their are visiting slots available.

Normally, by the time you notice this your gameplay is ruined even if you have prior save files because the problem just occurs again.

2) Damage to buildings from fire, volcano, scenarios, hard settings etc

Teamsters and workers:

If a teamster or worker was in the queue to visit (construct or pick-up/deliver) to a building and this building becomes damaged even after repairing it whatever the teamster or worker was doing gets stuck in the game queue. No other worker or teamster will ever go again to the building that was the target.

In the case of #2 loading the game fixes this because the game rebuilds the queue of jobs to do.
I still need to try this series out, Already at 6... damn.. I'm really falling behind haha
Tropico 6 is more complex and difficult than previous games in the series. I'm happy to see it on GOG.
Nice to see a new Tropico version on GOG. Hopefully it breaks the downward trend from Tropico 4 and 5. Until that's clear and the promised Linux version arrives on GOG I'm going to play some Tropico 1 again. :P
I have a question for those who bought the game.

Can you "directly control" El Presidente? I really liked that aspect in Tropico 4 and I was sad that they removed that feature in Tropico 5.
Dray2k: I have a question for those who bought the game.

Can you "directly control" El Presidente? I really liked that aspect in Tropico 4 and I was sad that they removed that feature in Tropico 5.
You can send him to various buildings. And sometimes you even have to.