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Qurious? The base game is 33% off for a week!

Three pieces of DLC for <span class="bold">Wuppo</span>, the whimsical action/adventure/RPG, are now available, DRM-free on!

- <span class="bold">Shop</span>, which features 2 in-game stores packed with exclusive items
- <span class="bold">The Original Soundtrack</span>, which features over 100 tracks
- <span class="bold">Fun Pack</span>, which includes 10 Wallpapers, an Artbook, and a Wuppo Encyclopedia

<span class="bold">Wuppo</span> is 33% off and the DLCs are 15% off each until February 20, 2PM UTC.
Breja: Today on "games you forgot even exist"...
I don't even recall reading an announcement for this. (It barely exists.)

Or ever seeing it in the forum index.
And the OST is in what format? It better be FLAC for that price.
BrokenBull: And the OST is in what format? It better be FLAC for that price.
MP3, but it does seem to have over 130 tracks altogether.
Well Wuppo is an excellent game so I highly recommend it if you like platformers like Cave Story but these DLC's just don't seem worth it, maybe at a decent discount.