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Give No Shelter

<span class="bold">The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 2</span>, the continuation of Michonne's untold adventures is available now DRM-free on for Windows and Mac.

Michonne and her companions find themselves on the run in Episode 2: Give No Shelter, trying to leave behind the unfortunate events that unfurled in the floating colony of Monroe. But both the distant and the recent past will soon catch up with our tormented leading lady...

Michonne is a troubled woman, broken and reforged by a world where the living are no longer welcome. But above all, she is a survivor. Since the moment she was introduced to the Walking Dead universe, wielding her menacing katana and leading two reanimated corpses by chains, she instantly became a fan favorite. However, nobody knows exactly what she got herself into during the time when she left Rick Grimes' group to deal with her personal demons. Until now.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a three-episode miniseries that explores this period in time and sheds some more light into Michonne's troubled psyche. This package contains the two released episodes and the final 3rd one, which will be released at a later time.

Experience the missing chapters in the brutal story of <span class="bold">The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 2</span>, DRM-free on
I've already commented about these episodes playing hide and seek, haven't I?
2 episodes in 2 days! Way to go, go, go!