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Catching up with fate.

The fifth and final Episode of <span class="bold">The Walking Dead: A New Frontier</span>, is now available, DRM-free on with a 25% discount.

With all the cards laid down on the table, Javier is now forced to face the choices he's made throughout this gut-wrenching ordeal. The situation in Richmond has reached its boiling point and everybody must look out for themselves. How will you and Clementine deal with the swirling chaos of damaged relationships, broken promises, and broken people?

Purchasing this gives you access to all five episodes of A New Frontier.

The 25% discount will last until June 6, 5:00 PM UTC.

Watch the trailer.
Post edited May 30, 2017 by maladr0Id
Congratulations on releasing the whole game! :-)
TWD A new frontier... Finally the whole game, this is so n_nice!!! It´s time to finish (again) TWD Season 1 & 2 so we can have fresh memories of Clementine´s story

Hope this game will last and satisfice (at least until TWD Season 8 premiere come on october 2017) our need of gore, zombies and difficult human relationships ;D

Keep it awesome GOGteam
Post edited May 31, 2017 by ZeroZombieKiller
Apologize for the bumb.

Played it, completed it and i've gotta say that it has a nice ending depending on your decision. The best part is that how was your relationship with the otherr main cast in one simple text than just numbers, while explaining what did you do to get it.

Overall the game gets better after the 1st half of the Episode 3.