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A single spark of courage can ignite the fires of hope.

<span class="bold">The Saboteur&trade;</span>, a stylish action-adventure chronicling one man's fight for revenge in Nazi-occupied France, is available now, DRM-free on, with a 50% launch discount.

Sabotage really is an underappreciated art. Not only does it require copious amounts of creativity, street smarts, patience, and bravado, it can also help oppressed people survive an occupation long enough until the time is ripe to fight back. Racecar mechanic Sean Devlin wasn't planning on becoming a saboteur, but when his best friend gets killed by a sadistic German officer, he finds himself joining the French resistance, willing to cause some mayhem and avenge his buddy's death in the process. As he's running across rooftops, engaging in shootouts, and blowing up enemy assets, the black and white Parisian districts will gradually get more colorful, signifying the locals' growing confidence against the receding oppressors. Vive la résistance!

Work the streets and shadows of Paris and push back the German occupation forces in <span class="bold">The Saboteur&trade;</span>, DRM-free on
The 50% discount will last until September 29, 12:59 PM UTC.
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aswright123: Game crashes often, especially after recieving a message. THe game "save" isnot a real save as you always go back to a base. If you want a bad glitchy consoole prot then this is the game for you.
There is nothing wrong with the game, I played through fully with only one crash in the whole thing not long ago. Highly likely that your setup is at fault, did you install it into windows folders for instance, are you using galaxy, have you tried gog support, read through the sub forum for that game? The game is superb, a great GTA in WW2 and well worth playing.
The Saboteur is perhaps the most underrated and underappreciated openworld game of all time. Do yourselves a favor fellow GOGers and pick this masterpiece up, you'll never regret it. Nice to see it on GOG!