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Explore a beautiful and mysterious Victorian Mansion with a dark secret.
Genre: Adventure
Genre: 33% off until 6th July 2022, 1 PM UTC
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No big deal, but you might want to correct "Annoucement" to "Announcement" in the trailer's title.
The staircase in the screenshot reminds me of the one in the Spencer Mansion....
Post edited June 29, 2022 by allope
haven't played it yet but good to see it here, will check it our around half price.
Looks good. I love puzzles and mysteries.
I thought "Walking simulator" was a pejorative description. I also don't think it applies to a game with any discernible form of gameplay, like solving puzzles.
Wish listed.

I like how this looks (graphics and gameplay), but can't possibly afford it now.
This game used to have a demo on Steam.
This game used to have a demo on Steam.
Past tense.
They call me Abraham L. and I approve this game.