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Contains dark fantasy overtones.

<span class="bold">Tender Loving Care</span>, a psychological thriller about the dramatic repercussions of a family tragedy, is now available DRM-free on with a 75% launch discount.

Dealing with the death of a child is no easy matter. The Overtons turn to Dr. Turner (2-time Oscar nominee John Hurt) who suggests they hire a live-in nurse. Seduction, dangerous fantasies, and dark secrets will start tearing them apart and you, as a curious observer, will get to explore and evaluate the drama while watching it unfold in high-quality FMV. Just careful not to let it get to you...

The 75% discount will last until July 06, 1PM UTC.

Watch the trailer.
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I think my dad owned a copy back in the day.
Would be an instabuy if not for this:
Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10)

Looks like even Vista got dropped around here by now (not that I have it).

Can anybody test it on WinXP and/or WINE, please?
GOG obviously can't be bothered. :/
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Venita: Yes.
So, no fullscreen. Ok, thanks.
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tinyE: Right, like I'm anywhere near smart enough to play this. :P
There's not much smartness required for playing this ;) There are some odds and ends that lend themselves for analysis, although one could easily explain them with "guess the devs didn't think about this too hard".

For anyone interested, just be aware - this is not a point and click game in the stricter sense, nor a choose-your-own-adventure. More like, an interactive movie.
I've never heard of this game, but it definitely looks interesting. And with the nice launch discount, I can't see any reason not to buy it right away.
Venita: Yes.
MaxFulvus: So, no fullscreen. Ok, thanks.
Nope. But on the other hand, no interlacing!
low rated
Just what we need, more terrible late 90s FMV games.

At least looks like they hired professional actors, and not their next door neighbors for this one.
Am I the only one who misread it Tender Loving Car?
Was I the only one who thought: "Yeah...finally another entry to the GOG-Movie section!"
Followed by: "erm,...wait, what?"
40 minutes since release and the "gog Downloader links" page still doesn't work!

Go on, gog, get your asses in gear, you Galaxy-pushing, website-abandoning scallywags!
Isn't this the game that they poured insane amounts of money into which ultimately sank Trilobyte?
I could be wrong tho.
Venita: Nope. But on the other hand, no interlacing!
Ok, thanks ;)
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So this barely interactive, tacky, pretentious, poorly conceived FMV game is alright to sell, but you reject Don Bluth's historically valuable ones?

jepf999: I remember playing the original version back then, questions:

1. The screenshots show non-interlaced video captures. How is this possible? Was there a higher video quality release of this game available later?
2. The download size of 700 MB seems small, the original game had 3 or 4 CDs.
3. Will the german version also be available?
I have the German version here (3CDs btw) and already asked Judas if he wants to have it. Just waiting for a reply.

Edit: He is interested and I am uploading the German files right now. However I only have the CD version - don't know if there ever was a German DVD version of the game though.
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You need to offer more than english for movies, guys! :(

edit: whoops, yeah thought it was a movie, ahah.
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