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A classic RTS title from Strategy First makes a comeback on modern computers. In Submarine Titans your mission is to lead one of the three underwater factions and gain control over the flooded dystopian world of the future. The game is available on GOG.COM with a 10% discount until 2nd January 2020, 2 PM UTC.
Never heard of this. And its a RTS game. Need to get it soon.
high rated

I even made a wishlist entry for the game :D

EDIT: obviously, instabought

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We need more Starcraft and Warcraft clones in our life.
Next game - Armies of Exigo?
Never played this, but every few months I'm reminded of its existence and wish I could play it. Now I can, so that's great.
Oh my god! I always wanted to play this but couldn't find it anywhere and when I have, there was graphic corruption. I hope this one works fine. It feels like Starcraft, but underwater. I love how everything makes bubbles.
Wow. I had this as a kid, but could never get the Russian localization to play nice with English OSs.

This is an incredible blast from the past. Insta-buy.

What's next? Tides of War?
I played this game, it was like a Starcraft but under the sea.
This was my absolute favorite RTS. Thanks a lot for adding it. Of course I bought it immediately ^^
Thanks, GOG! I read about the nautical games genre recently and it was disappointing that this specific title was missing here. Great addition to the catalog!
Ah, classic. Just installed my old CD version, but refuses to work with modern system. Shows a lack of DirectX file in the system despite reinstalling DX twice already. Oh well, looks like will get this one during Christmass.
Thank you, GOG! Superb release, I remember reading review of it back in 2000, what struck me then was usage of different depths of units as strategy and it was described as underwater StarCraft. Buying it right now! :-)
A VAMPYRE STORY, point and click from the same distro, would be more appreciated by my side, but I'm happy for RTS enthusiasts.
With my vote for it, thank you :-)
Great release!

I remember playing it a long time ago. :D

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