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A modern city builder game for all the fans of watching how their metropolis grows beyond expectations. Smart City Plan from Ambiera is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM with a 10% discount lasting until 13th March 2020, at 4 PM UTC.

Make your city a great place to live by planning zones, roads, and public transport. Also, set taxes, new policies and implement smart city technologies.
I was looking for a city builder. Thank you.
Oooo! Reminds me of simcity2k! I hope this is good! :)
Oohh! Looking g...Windows-only? Damn it.
eastc: Oooo! Reminds me of simcity2k! I hope this is good! :)
At a glance this seems to have a much higher resemblance to ye olde A-Train, even if the latter didn't feature any cars. Not that the game plays anything like it. Just its look reminds me of that.
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City Builder...and my wallet is flat now...
Next,Builders of Egypt!
i bought it because why not
Fairfox: i bought it because why not
Will you buy it for me as well, for exact same reason ? :p
The game is currently on sale ( 25% off )

According to the developer it has a sandbox mode .
Yes, there is a second button "Start new game (Sandbox mode)" where you not only can build any building at the start, but also place all other buildings manually too, which are usually only built by your citizens.
But you need to create a small city first in the normal mode before that mode unlocks.