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Making a fortune can be slippery business.

<span class="bold">Slime Rancher</span>, a vivid sandbox full of bouncy balls of slime waiting to be wrangled, is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 33% launch discount.

Gotta catch 'em all! Then round 'em up, feed 'em, keep them happy. Some slimes are vegetarians, while others have a taste for chicken flesh. Some have spikes, others emit radioactive energy, and those over the valley are known to explode on contact. Yet you want all of them in your ranch! Whatever you do, though, don't let your slimes go hungry. Because once that happens, even your trusty, all-purpose vacpack will have trouble containing them and that's a slippery slope, my friend.

Slime rancher comes out of Games In Development while introducing new features such as a new Map system, a more relaxed Casual Mode, a survival-like Iron Rancher Mode for veterans, plus daily missions and more.

Roll up your sleeves and set out to make your fortune as the ultimate <span class="bold">Slime Rancher</span> of Far, Far Range, DRM-free on
The 33% launch discount will last until August 8, 5 PM UTC.

Watch the trailer.
Post edited August 01, 2017 by maladr0Id
Dralel: What about The Long Dark? That came out of EA today too. We've been waiting for over 6 hours now.

Slime Rancher was on the Humble Monthly a while back, and it's a cute game. I played about 2 hours and got bored, but it sounds like it's undergone some additions since then. Might be worth a look if sandbox / collectible games are your thing. There's also a Demo available on Steam.
Post edited August 02, 2017 by SpiderFighter
I wanted to love this game. On paper, I should! It's well put together, it looks great and it's oozing* with charm. But, that core gameplay loop is not complete, currently it goes like this:

1. Collect and breed slimes for plorts (Slime poo-money)
2. Buy upgrades to catch a greater variety of slimes for even more plorts
3. ???
4. FUN!!

The popularity of this game would suggest that there is an audience of people perfectly contented in simply collecting slimes, maybe you are one of them? I discovered I was not :P

*you see what I did there???