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GOG Digital Premieres - Call of Cthulhu Adventures

<span class="bold">Shadow of the Comet</span> and <span class="bold">Prisoner of Ice</span>, a mind-bending duo of Call of Cthulhu adventure classics, premiere digitally right now - DRM-free on

An original horror-adventure duo from Infogrames, (the company well known for their Alone in the Dark series) Shadow of the Comet and Prisoner of Ice are two of the very few games that get to boast actually taking place within the Call of Cthulhu mythos. With a pedigree like that, you can be sure that you're getting the best of the atmosphere and uncomfortable flavor of a true H.P. Lovecraft story.

Shadow of the Comet (Win + Linux) is the tale of a young British photographer out to capture a one-of-a-kind comet passing over an isolated New England town of Illsmouth. He discovers that the last person to attempt this spent the rest of his life in a high-security lunatic asylum. Soon, he'll also discover why… In Prisoner of Ice (Win + Mac + Linux) an indirect sequel to Shadow of the Comet, you're just another officer aboard the HMS Victoria - a military sub returning from a simple extraction operation. Just another run of the mill job, the target is safe and you're counting down the time till your shore leave. Little do you know, it's also a matter of time until you look straight in the eye of an ancient evil aboard.

Shadow of the Comet and Prisoner of Ice are terrifying 2D adventure games that received critical acclaim for successfully capturing the unique atmosphere of tales like "At the Mountains of Madness", "The Dunwich Horror", "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and, of course, "The Call of Cthulhu". Whether you're a Lovecraft fan, or just searching for the right excuse to discover the legend - these are stories you have to experience.

Heed the call of Cthulhu in <span class="bold">Shadow of the Comet</span> and <span class="bold">Prisoner of Ice</span>, available now - DRM-free on!
not my cup of tea but good to see these games here.
I know these 2 were never the most popular Call of Cthulhu games, but these were the 2 I was looking forward to most, nice. :-) I wonder what other games Atari's still got up their sleeves after all this time.
Oh boy,surprise lovecraft-themed games.Come on dark corners of the earth,you gotta be close!!!
Oh! YES! I never played them! and I heard so many good things about both of them!


Those will be mine as soon as I can, expecially Shadow of the Comet. Amazing release, GOG.
Wonderful additions! I've been waiting a long time to see these 2 gems added to the already wonderful GOG catalog, and my wish has finally come true. Thank you GOG and Atari!
Well, ftaghn, ... better late than never! Thank you GOG
I quite liked Shadow of the Comet, but.. I hate that damn sky texture and the houses are too bright :P

Never played Prisoner of Ice, instead.
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Ftaghn! To see these games here. Wishlisted,
First Warhammer and now Call of Cthulhu?
GOG's on a roll, baby!
I remember these being very frustrating.

Been looking for Prisoner Of Ice for ages - and I mean ages, as in since the 90s - but I could never find a complete version that would run under anything which isn't DOS or Win95.

Thanks, guys. You're awesome.
«Life is good.» (Lo Wang)
Great work gog!!!

Here's a really good video on the game from an adventure game reviewer I highly recommend but who doesn't seem to make videos anymore:
How is Prisoner of Ice ? I never played that one .