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No man's island.

UPDATE: Ready to pay a brief visit to the island of Peh, where skullduggery and deception are heavily recommended? Download the Demo and start skulking today!
If you like it there, there's no better time to book yourself a full visit: Seven: The Days Long Gone is now 30% off until January 29, 2PM UTC.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is now available, DRM-free on
Dive into an isometric open-world RPG where you can stealth or fight your way through as the talented master thief Teriel. Roam freely across the vast prison island of Peh using guile and manipulation to decide the fate of its inhabitants but be careful: your actions might eventually s(t)eal your own fate.

Go for the Digital Collector's Edition to get the Art book, a digital map of Peh, the Soundtrack, and a Guide book.
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Kunovski: did it have something in common with you witnessing such supernatural phenomenon?
musteriuz: No, not specifically. Look, we're off-topic here and this is not something I'm going to go into details about here, so let's rather leave it be, ok?
oh, sorry, sure! :)

on topic, I yet have to play the demo, but as most people I really like demos, so a big thanks to the devs!
Free DLC and sale announced:
Shortest sale ever. Saw on Friday, was going to pick up today, done. Maybe next time.
That sale was unexpectedly short. Hopefully there is another one in the near future.
Meanwhile the same discount offer is still available on Steam .
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