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Shape of you.

Semblance is now available, DRM-free on, 10% off until July 31, 5pm UTC.
The important thing in life is to be malleable. Adaptable. Also sort of cute. Our blob protagonist has got all that so the world has no choice but to bend to his will - quite literally. Solve physics puzzles in a minimalistic, surreal world, by altering the shape and turgidity of the level's elements as well as that of yourself. You will get flatlined more than once but if a challenge is giving you a hard time, just bounce and come back to it later.
Definitely looks amazing! Looking forward to buy it when able!
so soon, i thought i would have to wait much longer for this,
and the price is good enough to get it right away
Oh good; I was wondering whether there was a problem after the previous news post vanished:

(My guess is that news posts are linked to the forum software, so if a news thread gets Linko'd the news post is deleted too. But I didn't see the thread at before it vanished so I don't know whether that's what happened.)
It specifically says it might work on old PC's. That's promising for my GOGmix:
Even more importantly than old PCs, it seems to run just fine with Intel integrated graphics. At least if you bump it down to 720p and "fastest" setting.

I wonder why they don't want that big casual laptop market. (Since they don't mention something like Intel HD 510 or whatever in the requirements)
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This looks really cool, especially the trippy art style. Definitely reminds me of something, but just can't put my finger on it :P
Apparently the devs added the achievements, kudos to them!