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RUNES Magica – a 2D pixel art rogue-like magic action game from MediBang Games is now available on GOG with a -40% discount that lasts until October 4th, 1 PM UTC.

In this title you go on a journey as Lunia, a girl wizard who lost her father to a false charge. Defeat the knight king who has been the cause of everything and complete your revenge.

Check it out!
From the catalogue page: 'RUNES Magica is a 2D loglike magic action game.'
VanishedOne: 'loglike ... game'
In this log-like adventure, build your very own cabin in the woods!

Utilize your unique abilities in a duel with Abraham Lincoln.
GOG, is this what curation looks like?
caladirIantor: GOG, is this what curation looks like?
GOG doesn't have curation.