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Dive into a classic fantasy-themed, side-scrolling platform game where you must join young warrior Rohan who must free his world from the evil Draxos and his minions.
Risky Woods is now available on GOG.COM!

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Great addition!

I think this and Hocus Pocus were my first platformers. I can still hear sounds from this game vividly. Glad to see it saved from clutches of abandonware, as it originally was published by EA.
Post edited November 25, 2021 by frost0
I never finished that game. Wishlist for now, will buy and finish it off later.

Wishlisted. Did not get to try this out back then.
That's an unexpected surprise :-) This and Gods were memorable platforming games for me.
This pleases me in many ways.

Thank you so much for the release GOG and everybody else involved!
I never thought I'd get a chance to play Risky Woods!

This is one is an instant buy for me!
If I am not wrong it was the first 16 bits only game developed by Dinamic (Mark I). It was a big hit apparently. high quality sandards published worldwide by Electronic Arts.
Unfortunately (but typically) the DOS version, rather than the much better Amiga version.
Yay Risky Woods! I'll buy that! Wait it's published by Piko Interactive? Oh...maybe not.