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It's just a paper cut.

<span class="bold">Rezrog</span>, a turn-based dungeon crawler with distinct tabletop stylings, is now available, DRM-free on

Every party member brings something unique to the table. Venture into the procedurally generated dungeons with the hero of your choice to tackle nasty monsters and bring back shiny loot. If you perish or get captured, send another hero to clean up your mess or make some of their own. Just make sure they're properly skilled and leveled up this time, will you?

Watch the trailer.
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KasperHviid: I think the reason I loathe the artwork is that I'm quite old. I just don't have any "connection" to vector-style lineart.
What, you never used Shrinky Dinks or punch outs in your D&D games? ;)

I actually dig it - a few years back I *gasp* created an account to play a web-based game. Card Hunter - it was fantastic - this game looks strikingly similar (though Card Hunter had a more minimalist approach to the "board" that I liked a bit better than this interpretation).
Maxvorstadt: First impression: interesting. Then I read the "Permadeath" thing, which is a no go.
Why do developers nowadays so often produce games with that shitty permadeath? I don`t get it. Hardrives are big enuff nowadays, so there`s no problem with saving multiple times.
Like others have said it's part of the rogue-like genre, but I agree with you that adding some sort of an "easy" or "training" mode would not harm the game.

However, note that permadeath here is mitigated in the sense that the characters never die, they get imprisoned. You can then choose another character whose mission is to free the other one. You "die" only when all your characters are captured...

That being said, I generally don't like games whose logic rely too much on saving. Imho, saves should only be used to be able to leave the game and come back later, not go back to before one died or try to get some missed collectible/achievement. Saving/loading is outside the game flow, and the gameplay itself should take care of some events instead of just telling "You're screwed". The GTA game series for example makes you respawn to the nearest hospital when you're "killed", and if you fail a mission you just have to go back to the place where is starts.

"Game over" should be a phrase of the past, except for when it's really intended to be over such as the case of permadeath (or iron man mode as said in some other games), but as I said I agree that an easier mode would not harm.
Lone_Scout: Looks nice. I can't resist buying this kind of s**t... Permadeath is part of the game challenge, so you are forced to replay again and again... Not done for space saving. And not for the likes of everyone, also.
Lemmie just jam more quarters into my computer then.

OH WAIT. This isn't the days of the arcade anymore, permadeath should at the most, be an option or easily escaped; a smart Nethack player can avoid the reaper for a while, but most of the time gets claimed; but Nethack is also so mature and full of content that part of the fun is seeing what happenes.

I'm not so sure that most games with permadeath on the outset can even come close to the quality or type of fun that rougelikes generate.

And even if a game does have permadeath, something can interesting can be done with it, like the likes of Rouge Legacy where your death results in a birth of your next character, and your performance affects their growth in the next life. Just having it be a mindless slap to the player is getting old.

Heck, I'd prefer someone do something like the D&D bleedout system in a game like this.
Beautiful and lovely tabletop RPG! Have spanish localisation? ^_^
Looks like a way uglier version of Card Hunter. I don't know, I should be all over this - turn based combat, tabletop aesthetic, I lovethat stuff. But somehow they came up with visual style that actually manages to cancell out the appeal of the tabletop look, and procedurally generated levels always make wary.
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It looks like fun but, sadly, rogue-likes are not for me. I simply do not want to spend dozens of hours replaying the same game when I still have even more games to play. Maybe one day, but not today.
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oops, was interested at first, love the art style and dungeon crawlers have a soft place in my heart. was hoping the gameplay mechanics outweighed the cuteness factor, but then i saw permadeath... pass. not my thing to redo over and over and over same areas
Saw this and thought Popup Dungeon had been re-titled. o_O
Permadeath doesn't really exist in this game. Your guys get sent to a prison in the level that they died and you have to send one of your other guys in to bust them out.
It's getting to the point that 80% of new indies are either mindless perma-death that relies heavily on RNG gamble gameplay and anti-rebind console developed PC games...

Modders don't make very good game development companies as they can only rely on a minority of hard-core masochist gamers (And gamblers) to buy their games, while they will always find success with this demographic, they don't make the needed revenue to support themselves as they alienate mid-level and casual gamers from buying their games!

Which is a shame as the majority of these games usually have some of the best concepts/artwork that even surpass AAA level gaming! All that needs to be done to this game is to ease up on the hard-core restrictions and do away with punishing gamers with the mandatory auto save only and configure perma-death as an option for masochists only, otherwise, it will be nothing more than a one-hit wonder forced to rely on EA/crowd funding for their next titles...

SpiderFighter: Saw this and thought Popup Dungeon had been re-titled. o_O
Fuckin' irritating to put so much time and effort into making and crafting your fuckin' character/weapons just to lose it all via RNG...I do believe these rogue-lite developers should just make poker or dice games instead...Looks like yet another beautifully crafted RNG coin tosser...
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