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Time to screw up royally. Again.

UPDATE: You can now purchase the game's semi-interactive Soundtrack or go for The Book of the Lady of the Wood, a mini comic book that expands upon the game's universe.

Reigns: Her Majesty is now available, DRM-free on
Come, sit comfortably under this all-new sword of Damocles and let's get swiping! Be mindful: every move of your finger could lead to a strong dynasty or get Your Elegance decapitated, burned alive, poisoned, or otherwise disposed of by the powerful factions of the kingdom. Use your instincts and your new mystical inventory to maintain balance or just leave it up to the next Queen to do better. Ruling is card work, after all.
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lostwolfe: next up:

can we please have ONE package for the whole lot? [reigns super ultra maximum majesty edition] with EVERYTHING bundled together. putting lots of little things on a wishlist is frustrating.
JudasIscariot: That's up to the publisher and developer :)
sure thing. in that event:

please suggest this to them. i do like this game and will pick it up in due course, but good grief. a billion tiny things just to get all of a game is...problematic.
Wow, a mini comic and soundtrack, wicked, stop the press major announcement.
Reigns: Napoleon maybe? :D