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It's murder on the dance floor.

<span class="bold">Party Hard</span>, a twisted stealth/strategy game about murdering dozens of annoying partygoers, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 75% launch discount.

Your obnoxious neighbors are having another loud gathering and the ruckus is killing you. Time to return the favor.
Blend with the oblivious dancers and move around the house undetected, until they're all lying dead on the floor or someone calls the authorities on you, ruining the fun for everyone.

The 75% discount lasts until March 14, 2PM UTC.
Post edited March 07, 2017 by maladr0Id
tfishell: It's too bad it took us telling people not to give GOG money in the release thread to get this to happen, though.
Very true.
However, I am thankful that GOG provides these forums so that we may accomplish exactly that. It may not be much, but it's really the only power we have to get anything done.

So, a big Thank You to all of you that have participated in this discussion. Without it, I would have known exactly squat about any of this. Now, thanks to you all, I feel educated enough to finally make an informed decision. Not sure what that decision will be quite yet, but at least now I can make one! I'll most likely wait and see what the plans are regarding the DLC and soundtrack. It bugs me when I don't own all of the DLC for a game I like.

Credit where credit is due: Thanks for the low launch price. Thanks for apparently listening to the complaints, and making a real attempt to address them. Keep it up, and I'll consider buying all of these games mentioned once they are properly updated. GOG customers are good people. As much as we let you know when we're upset, we also do reward when we see sincere effort.

Also, big thanks to JudasIscariot for keeping us informed. You have a difficult job trying to keep both sides happy, and we appreciate your efforts!