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Genetically enhanced entertainer.

<span class="bold">Paradigm</span>, a surreal point & click adventure featuring a hilarious cast of characters with confused DNA, is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount!

DUPA genetics may have compromised Paradigm's good looks but that doesn't stop him from dreaming of becoming a world-famous musician. Still, he must first explore a radioactive world full of oddball characters and zany puzzles before it falls prey to the whims of an evil sloth who happens to barf candy.

The 10% discount lasts until April 12, 4PM UTC.
Post edited April 05, 2017 by maladr0Id
FrodoBaggins: Well, as far as I understand, getting the game here was kind of a last minute thing...
Tarhiel: In what way? Like he didn´t know whether he want´s to release Paradigm here, or it took GOG long time to decide whether they will allow to sell it?

If the former is true, how could he think that?
That game belongs here! :D

And he seems like a nice guy :)
The game got approved like a week ago and he got the final build for GOG just in time for release. So he didn't actually had much time to talk to them. And not everyone knows how each store works. As he is able to directly generate keys for Steam and Humble, my guess is he thought he didn't get keys for GOG.

But it's already sorted out and we all have are GOG keys now.
Not really a big fan of a adventure games myself but this one is really intriguing. Love the crazy style which genuinely reminds me of all the wacky 90's stuff. Will wait for some user reviews.
Kunovski: I realized [...] I'm [...] enjoying [...] dark things
The-Business: Is there enough material for you on the market?
well... yep :) are you lacking dark things in your life?
When it comes to entertainment (TV shows, movies, games...), no, they feel scarce to me.
This was one cool world/game I actually wanted to return to every day. Sad it's over :(