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One Hell of a time.

<span class="bold">Painkiller Overdose</span>, the intense stand-alone expansion to the acclaimed FPS of exhilarating carnage, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 80% launch discount.

Grab a badass-looking gun. Use said gun on the first ugly face you come across. Keep blowing up uglies and watching things explode. Don't turn to look - it's not what cool guys do. Pick up some health, then run towards the next demonic horde. Blast, jump, strafe, annihilate. Emerge on the other side covered in guts, blood, and sweet sweet adrenaline.
This frenetic action and unapologetic gorefest are the pillars of the Painkiller Overdose experience, along with a delectable selection of eccentric new weapons and over 40 hellish monsters and bosses, spread across 16 levels of non-stop killing. Claim the power of a demi-god and make Hell a (slightly) better and less crowded place.

Get your adrenaline flowing and blast your way through countless monsters in <span class="bold">Painkiller Overdose</span>, DRM-free on
The 80% discount will last until October 24, 12:59 PM UTC.
Post edited October 20, 2016 by maladr0Id
I´m a hardcore painkiller fan, and I wouldn´t say they are outright terrible. They are more like not really that good. But I love to play them as long as they have this special-surreal-beksinski-feeling.