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Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms is now available DRM-free.

The Three Kingdoms period was one of the most turbulent periods of Chinese history, and the most beloved thanks to its vivid depiction in the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The ancient Han Dynasty was coming to an end, and the empire was in chaos. Bandits and rebels were overrunning the countryside, the Emperor was just a child, and control of the court had been seized by a vicious tyrant.

Yet the time of chaos was also a time of opportunity, when men of courage and ambition could rise to power from outside the traditional aristocracy. A common soldier could become a warlord, a sandal maker could become an emperor, and a fugitive would come to be revered as a god.

In this expansion you take the role of a warlord attempting to re-unite the land, and create a new dynasty.
Seems interesting. The beloved characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, on the engine of Oriental Empires.

This might be what Napoleon was to Empire: Total War: or the Julius Caesar's campaign to Total War: Rome II. Meaning: a more focused scenario with more interesting countour conditions than the more open (although enjoyable) original game.

The price is not bad, too. If you did not try Oriental Empires, it is worth checking for its innovative mechanics and the setting.
I only played vanilla Grand Campaign. My first playthrough was really enjoyable, it felt like I found the closest thing to scratch my historical 4x game itch. I won cultural victory in mid-game. Then I started second playthrough to get conquest victory which killed my enjoyment of the game so much I uninstalled it. Maybe I should've played more aggresive from the start, but in the late-game I still had couple of factions to conquer/grab land from and oh, boy, due to number of units warring in the late-game felt extremely tedious to me. I ended up quitting and 92% of conquest victory, because I ran out of patience ;___;
That DLC sounds nice though.
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