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Monster Jam Steel Titans is now available DRM-free. You can get it 10% off until July 2, 5 PM UTC.

Real Trucks. Real Action. Monster Jam! Monster Jam Steel Titans delivers the complete Monster Jam experience for everybody to enjoy!

All the trucks, stunts, stadiums, racing and massive air in one game! Play in various game modes including Stadium and outdoor Racing, various Stunt Challenges and Destruction modes!
zx1976: I think the Galaxy DLL is being added to old games (even DOS games) more for cloud saves than for achievements.
I remember all kinds of old games being updated.

Regarding cloud saves the save location needed to be changed so they are separate from the game files (which was actually tricky since most DOS games put them directly into the game directory).
But it's not possible to add this DLL to DOS games (and it also wasn't bundled with DOSBox).

Maybe old Windows games were changed, e.g. to add overlay support? But I don't know of any specific ones.
Barry_Woodward: If you enjoy these sorts of games, keep in mind that the sales numbers for this are probably going to be used to gauge "our" interest in the genre. If you want to see more of this ilk from THQ Nordic and other publishers, vote with your wallet.
I woud vote with my wallet if i had more money. This time i have to pass though. I had to use money for other essential stuff this month. Probably have to do it next month as well.
I get where the "second-class customer" feeling is coming from, but in reality the choice is probably often between having the game without Galaxy features, or not on GOG at all. The customer base here is still much, much smaller than on Steam. And even something seemingly simple like achievements is never to be underestimated. Some developer needs to have read up on and dealt with the API, do a robust multi-client implementation, have it properly tested… that's going to be a few days already, plus you burden yourself with the obligation of keeping it updated with any new clients and APIs. And programmer hours are not cheap. That additional cost will be very directly compared with how much the publisher expects to make from GOG sales. I'm neither fiercly pro- nor anti-achievement, I just see the publisher's side of deciding case-by-case where they want to spend that effort. Given limited resources, I'd rather they focus on delivering patches at the same time.

The calls are probably relatively non-invasive, but… we all know that developers always stick to the rules and never stray from the officially documented way of doing things, right? ;D I do agree though that, should it ever break, a Galaxy dependency would be relatively easily patched out compared to other stuff. A simple wrapper that accepts the right calls and does nothing would probably do the trick. I also think that GOG developers probably care about stuff like that and try to prevent any unnecessary interdependencies.

About the game, the trailer immediately brought back memories of Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 1 and 2. I still have those discs somewhere, the second one I believe is an OEM copy that came with my awesome SideWinder Force Feedback wheel!
That thing was awesome and probably still is somewhere in my parents' basement. Just seeing the picture I hear the sound of the FF motors in my ears =D

Edit: Hey hey, wouldn't you know it! I'm surprised no one pointed it out yet in this thread: developed by Rainbow Studios, creators not of the original Monster Truck Madness, but Motocross Madness (which later turned into the MX vs. ATV series). Might be good to know, I also remember a few mediocre MTM knockoffs over the years but Rainbow Studios generally know a thing or two about good racing games.

By the way… I rarely downvote posts I disagree with, but I quite often downvote those who dismiss the motives of expected downvoters in advance ;)
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