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Jailhouse block.

Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2: Episode 3 is now available DRM-free on with a 15% discount on the season pass until September 25, 10PM UTC.
After some heroic deeds and near-escapes, Jesse is rewarded by...being put behind bars. Of course, The Sunshine Institute is not actually a prison, no sir. Just a place where bad things will happen to you if you make eye contact with the wrong inmate or defy the administration's rules.
mistermumbles: *crickets*
*tumbleweed rolls past the thread*
This is just, oh, I don't know, a really vague hunch, but I get the oh-so-slightest feeling that a lot of you aren't fans of the game.
Being a fan of Minecraft and of older Telltale games I played the first season and let's just say it turned me off of modern Telltale with how it was more like a slightly interactive movie then any kind of real game like I had come to like from the older Telltale games. I'm not sure why others might not like it but the fact that I couldn't really explore most of the areas, the puzzles being so easy a child could solve them without much thought being put in to it (especially one that literally showed you what to do by pointing the camera at each step and the crafting mechanic actually giving you a button that was a literal cheat sheet what few times you actually get to craft anything), 90% or so of the gameplay either being QTEs or dialog choices that really don't effect the overall story in any real way, the episodes being so short I kept finishing them in about an hour or so at most and thinking "that's it?". I could go on but I think I made my point. I wanted to love this but I just can't and all it makes me do is wish I was playing Minecraft or any other game instead. Oh and not to mention if you aren't a fan of Minecraft these games will have you really confused and all the references will go way over your head. It does not cater to none Minecraft fans at all and barely caters to those that are fans and aren't 10 years old (example being the first DLC episode that was full of Youtubers...who really didn't do much other then have people go "oh I know that person"). You used to make better games Telltale, what happened?