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Anyone up for dessert?

<span class="bold">The Depths</span>, the first chapter of the three contained within the delicious <span class="bold">Secrets of the Maw</span> Expansion Pass, is now available, DRM-free, on

You may be done with the cryptic, creepy, and highly celebrated story of Six but The Maw is not done with you - not yet. Help The Runaway Kid escape, starting with his journey through the flooded Depths, a place drenched in deadly danger and horrible secrets.

Get this episode separately or as part of <span class="bold">Secrets of the Maw</span>, the expansion pass which gives you access to all the additional stories and content as they become available for download.
Ok. I check my game and it is insultingly easy to unlock any/all dlc. Im not going to say how to unlock anything but there is no thing as exclusive preorder content or expansion dlc because its all in the game and requires unlocking. If you have any dlc already installed, then your 99% of the way to unlocking all the dlc. Like i said, insulting to paying customers who preordered and bought expansion pass
It is just a 4 MB download as they updated the installer for the main game to include the DLC prior to release.