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Live to fly, fly to live.

<span class="bold">Knights of the Sky</span>, a high tale about acing the art of aerial combat, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 50% launch discount.

Some ride across the countryside in armored horses, some lay the heads of slain dragons on the feet of impressionable princesses, and others try to survive hails of bullets with only half an engine, a jammed gun, and a legendary dogfighter on their tail.
These are the Knights of the Sky, doing battle high over the trenches and aerodromes of World War 1 for the freedom of their country and the title of the ultimate Ace of Aces. Gather intelligence on your opponents, hop on one of the 20 renowned fighter planes, and get ready to face your destiny as you try to keep Baron Manfred von Richtofen in your crosshairs and yourself out of his.

Look your opponent in the goggles and reduce him to a trail of descending smoke as you fight to become a legend among the <span class="bold">Knights of the Sky</span>, DRM-free on
The 50% launch discount will last until July 26, 12:59 PM UTC.
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Nice release, a great 'classic'!
It's always good to see old games released here. Although flight simulators are not my cup of tea so i'll pass. :D
As usual for this era, the Amiga version looks so so so so so much better.

If the gameplay is the same, however, it is a fantastic game, from an era where flight sims were about fun first and realism second.
If it says MicroProse on the tin, it's good! Thanks Night Dive & GOG!
I remember this one on the Amiga. Obviously superior there, but the DOS version is welcome too. Thanks!
An oldie release is always a good thing, even if it's not something I'm interested in.
Classic flightsim from Microprose with manual for EUR 2,50? Instabuy!
PMIK: (..) from an era where flight sims were about fun first and realism second.
Well, it couldn't be different due to hardware limitations, mainly CPU speed. The better the accuracy of the physics, the bigger the need for a powerful CPU to execute all the complex calculations needed.
Nice game, have this on my Amiga but will buy anyway.
Can I play this with keyboard or do I have to use a flightstick ?
Always a bit of a bummer when it's "just" the PC version instead of the objectively better Amiga version.

Perfect would be to include both versions, but i guess there is a variety of reasons why that is not possible (from the publisher's side or for technical reasons, i unno).
About the only flight sim I'm interested in. I remember it from the Amiga days and I only hope it's at least a little bit 'accessible' compared to the big boys.
Instant purchase! I am really glad to see it released! I also hope to see the rest of MicroProse sims to be released here, in particular F14 Fleet Defender, 1942: Pacific Air War (both available for long time on Steam) and F15: Strike Eagle III.

hobli: Always a bit of a bummer when it's "just" the PC version instead of the objectively better Amiga version.
There is no legal way to emulate Amiga, sadly. For a couple of Cinemaware games available here, emulation was developed specifically.
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Great classic. I'll be happy to snatch this up. Thanks!