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The award-winning point-and-click adventure returns in the Director's Cut with an extended story, additional puzzles, and new areas to explore. Kathy Rain: Director's Cut is now available on GOG.COM with a 10% discount that will last until 2nd November 2021, 4 PM UTC.

If you already own the original Kathy Rain game in your library, the discount on the Director's Cut will permanently rise to 50%.

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Krusbert: So, I'm really sorry if you guys are disappinted, but the single click interface is here to stay!
Not really against your argument, but just as an added perspective from someone mostly neutral...

I think something that can be easily overlooked when tweaking gameplay is the way it impacts how the player feels they are doing things. In other words even if the gameplay result is the same, the player feeling like they looked and caught something and then picked it up matters. There's a whole genre of Telltale style games for example built around the idea of feeling like you're making important choices even when you aren't.