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Dive into an imaginative first-person psychological horror with frenetic puzzles, unique boss fights, and original music by The Living Tombstone. In Sound Mind is now available on GOG.COM along with a 15% discount that will fade away on 5th October 2021, 1 PM UTC.

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Looks really good.


I laughed at the idea of Zoom backgrounds now being a promotional item.
Sounds cool!

Control rebinds implemented?
it's probably too scary for me to play on my own lol
I would have liked something in the style of the cover
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I'm interested for not only the horror side of things but seeing ''The living tombstone'' as having worked on the game interests me even more given the fandom music he worked on
checking for everyone else:

is there hidden drm that we need to be aware of?

please let us know - and preferably on the first page of this topic so that people don't have to go searching high and low for the answer to the question.

thank you.


not my style of thing, but cool release :)
Love this game, the demo give me hype.
Any reason why it costs more on GOG, again? 5€ more
-Nachtmahr-: Any reason why it costs more on GOG, again? 5€ more
1 sell at a higher price on platforms other than Steam
2 complain that sales on other platforms were not worth it
3 leave the game in an abandoned state but more expensive
After having seen this game being streamed on the GOGcom twitch channel (thanks again, DarkSaber2k), I decided to get it and, boy!, is it great!

It's not easy, when you're doing a horror game, to strike that balance between exploration, puzzles and gunplay, all the while keeping the player weirded out and spooked. It's easy to just rely on jumpscares, even when you do have a good horror game in your hands, some studios will still include the occasional jumpscare just to keep things... "lively" (I don't even loathe jumpscares, but I do think it's a lazy mechanic that tends to be overused in horror games and movies), and In Sound Mind has no jumpscares whatsoever. Some times you'll get startled by stuff that some people would consider a semi-jumpscare, but it's never a full-on thing, and they're always used to startle the player, not "scare" us via a loud sound accompanied by something suddenly being in our face.

The game deals with some subject matter that some might find offensive, namely mental health issues, abuse, violence and anxiety. It's a psychological thriller, so... this should go without saying, I like to assume that if people buy a horror game are aware of the topics these games can address.

Really nice to see this on GOG, if you care about well-made horror games, I recommend you to get this, because it hardly gets any better than In Sound Mind (also, the game is made using Unity, so it'll probably run on your machine, even if you're not sporting the latest and greatest in PC hardware -- just make sure to turn some of those bells and whistles down).