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A new turn-based tactical game from Alawar Entertainment is a true gem for vintage sci-fi fans. I am not a Monster: First Contact is now available on GOG.COM DRM-free and 55% off until 22nd November, 2 pm UTC.

Lovers of books by Philip K. Dick, Aldous Huxley or Robert Heinlein will be thrilled to dive into a battle fought in a brave new world. I am not a Monster: First Contact takes us to the space liner Albatross in the far future. The ship is being overrun by lizard-like monsters that can turn every human being into one of their kind. Will you be able to stop them from taking hold of all Albatross passengers?
This looks nice, but some reviews of it don't bode well.
A turn-based strategy game with good graphics, that would be interesting. But unfortunately it does not come with Linux support.
I'm quite enjoying it. I played for four hours yesterday. I really like the theme and the combination of weapons with other equipment to allow chargeable special abilities is a really nice idea. Allows alot of customisation from a small variety of equipment. The individual PCs' unique passive buffs and/or unique equipment and sheer flavour also serve to provide differentiation between the PCs even if they can all mostly use the same equipment and have the same stats.

I think the cut-scene elements could be better. Xlll would be a good inspiration for how they could do their cut-scenes. Or use a collage of old super hero styled comic strips to narrate what's happening

The combat is quite bare bones, and fighting the same enemy repeatedly does get a bit boring but the variety in equipment and objects are keeping it fun so far.

Overall, I rate this highly for a bit of weekend/late evening fun for those of us that don't have 100s of hours to drop in the bigger budget games. So many generic games these days that simply clone what came before and/or they boast of huge 100 hour open world environments that (at least for me) I just don't have the time to commit to - and when I do they bore the hell out of me within a few hours.
My idea of fun is a nice theme, with a fun story, interesting mechanics, that is enjoyable to play and most importantly doesn't over stay it's welcome. So far, this game is doing that. I wish more games would learn to condense their games into half the size but make them much more playable than slog gable, and up until now this game was doing that.

But I've run into a problem. I'm trying to save all the passengers on a particular level and get them to wait at elevators. I'm down to my last passenger but I can't interact with her so I can't end the mission. So it has some bugs . . . . and it reminds me why I stopped buying games new.
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This could be a lot of fun if they've tapped into Star Trek.Da da der der der der der da da der.
BreOl72: Turn-based isometric strategy...and 55% off...nice!

Edit: I'm a huge fan of Philip K. Dick, Aldous Huxley, Robert Heinlein, et this is practically a must buy for me.

Edit 2: Ok, I bought it. I just couldn't resist the Flash Gordon like appearance and the release-discount.

A small heads-up for interested people - the trailer contains a scene which I would count as a minor spoiler...("It's a trap!").

Edit 3: Holy Macaroni...7,9 GB installation size. Wasn't expecting that (shop says Size: 943 MB).
Alawar develops may good fun games , i have lots of Alwar casualgames and i like many of them.

3 frequent 'problems'

1] Performance: the latest Alawar Premium games 'abuse' CPU , many times a 2.5 ghz quad should run their games well, but they dont run that well, a quad 2.66 ghz is one of the exceptions.

I bought the game that looks like its based on The Thing and, it 'fries' my cpu, interesting to know is that this new also has a 2.6 ghz as recommended and from expericne i know it does not run well on a 2.66 quadcore cause the poor quad will be in turbo boots (3.2 ghz) all the time

solvable? YES cause a 3.6 ghz i7 9700K or simialr latest i7 ( no i5 they wont be able to bear the load) will solve it for me ( very very expensive though :)

2] Very large install: the majority of the games require lots of HD space.
this is not that bad cause buying a 2 TB ( or more) HD will solve it ( 60 to 100 euros/$ depending on what brand

3] 'sore' eyes

Many games with a retro look use some old crackle/ noise effects like the old b/w games had, which can be annoying if you have to watch it for more then 30 minutes, and there is no option to disable the old flickering/crackle effects.

Before bad replies will be made:

this does NOT mean that this is a bad game, games game be excellent, and having some annoying effects wont make a good game bad, but makes it far less inetresting to buy it ( maye try it in 2023 when its 2 euros or so)
phaolo: This looks nice, but some reviews of it don't bode well.
true.... some reviews are quite nasty take some time to Google and read the reviews :D

personally i like games like this IF effects can be turned off like in the good old days ( PC werent that fast and powerfull) if the crackle effects, the warp effecst with the blurry scenes can be turned of i would even buy it at 9.99

BUT my quad wont be able to run it, plus the other things made me to add it to wish list , and buy it 2023 or 2024 or so on a large sale it might be sold at 2 euros.

Anyway, the game looks okay .... will buy it at a huge sale cause it it doesnt live up to my expectations i just hide it :D
cause its cheap, hiding expensive games is ... well a little expensive :D
Thats why a demo would have been welcome ( no pre alpha but a partial of the final end product)
The alien on the left side in the picture does look a bit monster like.