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Take control of a cam girl business in an engaging management sim. HunieCam Studio is now available on GOG.COM!

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LinuxFire: Is the game in 64-Bit?
ariaspi: Looks like it is not.
Thanks ariaspi
Darvond: It's not really a good game.
The fun of the game is not the graphics and as I said it does not contain explicit sexual content anyway. Does not make it a bad game.
No one noticed the discounted pricr is 6.99?

As in


Neat, it got a -74% discount. :)
MarkoH01: "Luna - The Sexy Empire"
ariaspi: It's actually Lula. But Luna sounds fine too - it means "moon" in Romanian. :)
That would be a good name for a brothel on the dark side of the moon, just saying :P.

pazZzurro: Don't want to burst your bubble, but it's actually a Latin word
No, it's high elvish :P.
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