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Through a sea of secrets.

<span class="bold">Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Book I &amp; II</span>, a choice-driven adventure set in the 19th century, is now available, DRM-free on!

It's no secret that the colonial times were a period of inequality and deep-seated prejudice. But the purpose of the Herald's fateful voyage? Now that's a very well-kept secret, one which Devan, a steward of mixed heritage, will have to uncover by chatting with the passengers and carefully exploring the ship.

<span class="bold">Book I &amp; II</span> form the basis of this branching story. Each Book has its own narrative arc and the two remaining Books will arrive as episodic content at a later date.
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Bigs: Selling story as DLC is scummy.. :/
Draakbeest: Hey, I'm sorry you feel this way!
We're a small team with limited means. Releasing episodically allows us to fund the development of a narrative heavy game. We've chosen what we think is a fair price point so that you can decide if you like it and should buy the next episodes when they become available.

Hope you'll give Herald a chance! :)
Ok sounds reasonable and the price is not to bad for a starter. Even though I won't have time to play before future episodes come out I'll pick this up. Hell I've been kickstarer backing games for years (and have only got around to playing half of one so far. So time poor.)
Hope you get your funding to feed your families or selves until the other two parts are out. Can be a tough industry.