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Into the spirit of things.

Goetia is now available DRM-free at 60% off until February 15, 2PM UTC.

[i]This is the tale of little Abigail.
40 years ago she passed away
But now her spirit must find a way
To solve the puzzles, unlock all doors
Unearth the secrets, that haunt these halls
For evil now lurks in Blackwood Manor
Her family's gone, and so's the glamor
Will you give help to a lonely ghost?
Or is her sad story truly lost? [/i]

Feeling spooked yet? If not, treat yourself to some nightmare fuel by visiting our Horror Show sale, where all attractions are up to 90% off until February 13, 11PM UTC. Screams not included.
Post edited February 09, 2018 by maladr0Id
Nice Sale, could catch some nice stuff +1 for gog ;)
So glad I resisted buying it on that other store :)

For those undecided here is a review:

This is the tale of little Abigail.
Vythonaut: Damn, the first thing that came to my mind was King Diamond's second album with the same name; what a great music record and fine horror story!
Hahaha...same here. ;)
IFW: So glad I resisted buying it on that other store :)

For those undecided here is a review:
Music puzzles?
mechmouse: ...
Thanks, I'll try to remember that.
I've been waiting Vampire The Masquerade Bloodline. This sale has plentiful great horror games in it. Thank you GOG. I am looking forwards to play Bloodline, as it is a well known game for its stories, RPG elements, voice-over + action.
EpicCory: ...
Trust me, it'll be something you never forget.
God, thank you for people, who showed me this masterpiece.