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Precise, calculated, efficient.

<span class="bold">Frozen Synapse</span>, a tactical game of staying one step ahead - complete with a bonus copy for a friend, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on with a 60% discount.

A tactical game, as pure and fair as they come: turn-based, brutal and efficient. You'll make precise movements with every step, your every turn of the head will be deliberate - a calculated risk.

A shootout, 1.5 seconds, three casualties and an intense aftermath. Now the clock counts down from twenty for Red Commander. Red Two observes the battlefield from behind cover while Red One scouts around the left. There's no one to watch his right flank, a lethal opening, but the chaos of battle did not reveal your hand to the enemy. Hopefully.

The clock counts down from twenty for Green Commander. Most of the team now bathes in a pool of scarlet blood. It's two against one, but stranger games have been won - people do get cocky. You caught a split-second glimpse of Red just before the first shots were fired, and it's your only trail. Peek around the corner, hugging cover, careful but decisive.

Red Two barely saw the greens of his enemy's eyes, betrayed by a gamble to protect a squad mate's life. Red One is blind now without a lookout, but remains concealed and knows exactly where to look now. The clock counts down from ten in the final turn. Deep breath. Your orders, commander?

Frozen Synapse comes with two game-keys one for you, one for a friend. You'll be able to find your bonus redeemable key alongside the game on your shelf.

Enhance your Frozen Synapse experience with the <span class="bold">Red DLC</span>, featuring a new co-op mode for the original single-player campaign, as well as all-new missions, new units, new game modes, an amazing OST (in FLAC and MP3) and new game enhancements!

<span class="bold">Frozen Synapse</span>, a fair, simple but deep, and overall incredible tactical game is available now, DRM-free on The launch discount will last for one week, until Thursday, September 10, 12:59 PM GMT.
Fun game, but i'd much rather buy and play Laser Squad Nemesis again.
I thoroughly enjoyed this game on Steam and will pick this up on GoG drm-free eventually when I have the required funds. If anyone has a spare key that they have no plan on using I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Please state your intention to publicly as I don't want to prevent others from enjoying this amazing game from any other generous people out there!
Cavenagh: please stop with all these new games, there was a time when people would bitch about, no new games, it's getting boring now.


you're making the wishlist redundant .
gamefood: Another enlightened soul. Welcome to the club! :D

"The game looks like CS2D in the TRON universe" was my first thought...niiice!

But how is it with these keys? Isn't that technically DRM?
They are multiplayer keys :)
Painted_Doll: The DLC isn't listed as an optional content on the Frozen Synapse store page .
This still hasn't been fixed...
Btw., a thing I just noticed:

If you have the game on your wishlist, and another user gives you the second key (thanks mrkgnao!), the wishlist entry is NOT removed!
Wow. didnt expect this to be here (was thinking this a few months back though...).
The price is a bit steep but comes with two copies. Hmmmm ( have it on the other store....)