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Puzzles can cure any ailment.

<span class="bold">Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist</span>, a satirical point & click Western by legendary designers Al Lowe and Josh Mandel, is available now DRM-free on!

It's been awhile since Freddy hung up his gunslinging shoes and re-invented himself as a small-town pharmacist but trouble is brewing once again. Snail stampedes, diarrhea epidemics, gassy steeds, Poker thieves - there's a cure for everything, as long as you point & click at the right place. Or know how to make proper use of your silver ear.
jorlin: Windows does play Midi out of the box.
Yes, but poorly. Microsoft broke Midi support with the release of Windows Vista when they decided to remove the separate volume settings. I've read a huge amount of complaints about this issue. Most source port developers chose to include Timidity, WildMIDI or FluidSynth in order to circumvent Microsoft's work.