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A unique casual indie game from Mountains and Annapurna Interactive is now available on GOG.COM. The main protagonist of Florence seems a little stuck in her everyday routine, consisting of work, sleep, and social media activities.

Then one day, she meets a cello player named Krish. Suddenly her life changes completely…
rjbuffchix: You went on to list a very impressive collection of releases that I too am happy are here on this store. But I have to disagree they've been doing the best they can. Maybe more accurate to say they've been doing the best they can EXCEPT with regard to controversial games and dungeon crawlers. That is a noticeable blindspot. We don't know of all the games submitted to GOG or that get rejected, but we have clear examples of these which simply don't make sense. And didn't GOG admit in a post around the new year that they were going to try to do better in reconsidering previously rejected games? I hope that is true so both the indie fans AND fans like me can be happy.
tfishell: "didn't GOG admit in a post around the new year that they were going to try to do better in reconsidering previously rejected games" - yes and I think they will be doing so, but it is somewhat subjective of course. They listed Grimoire, a Din's iirc, and Heaven's Vault.

I think they want to be careful with controversial games because games media like Kotaku seemingly are chomping at the bit for controversy (to convert it into clicks-4-cash), and GOG can't afford to lose customers and publishers. Remember Linko? Poor guy. I'd like Hatred to show up and I hope GOG reconsiders. Agony too if GOG doesn't have to hand out many refunds due to bugs.

Dungeon crawlers - I dunno if I can defend GOG so much on rejecting some of these, unless they don't sell as well as we think. Isn't "The Quest" a d.c.? It's got 400+ votes, I'd like to see it show up.

just some asides:

- I've said several times before but I still would like GOG to be able to have time to accept many more games, and I'm guessing you and many others feel the same way; the problem is they have to balance that with putting in time and effort for releases, so I'd like them to "automate" more of what they can and take a more hands-off approach if possible. "Assembly line" releases - if it passes a basic curation test/is relatively bug-free, toss it onto the conveyor belt for Galaxy integration, webpage creation, etc. Work on computer programs that make this happen.

- I'd like to see biz-dev encourage devs and pubs to use the wishlist to gather support/evidence that GOG will profit from a release here.

- A lot of this comes down to money. GOG needs to stay open.
Automation have both pros and cons
On steam the automation does not always filter out what you dont want by machine learning
i still think the open the floodgates hands off apraoch done by valve is not an example that shoud be followed.
Thats my personal oppinion though.
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