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A perfect game for the lovers of vanquishing dangerous monsters and killing the slow flow of time is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM. Buy Fate Hunters 25% off until November 19th, 2 pm UTC.

If you like dynamic, deck-building card games that are set in a fantasy world, today’s GOG.COM release will definitely grab your attention. Fate Hunters from Tower Games is a mixture of strategy and adventure game. While accompanying one of the four main characters, you venture into the dark magical tower full of monsters. There, by crafting and using a unique deck of cards, our hero fights enemies in a series of tactical battles. Will he be able to reach the top of the tower and face its evil Master? It all depends on you!
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Another card game on GOG, one I know nothing of and wishlisted it goes. I am intrigued by how the genre is defined and the graphics. I don't know when I'm going to pick up and play all this stuff but I'm happy with the flow of interesting games.
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Nice! Not a big fan of the genre, but good to see a developer putting in the effort for integrating with Galaxy.
Deckbuilding always interests me, as long as it's singleplayer. Wishlisted, waiting for reviews and of course an affordable price in the distant future, d.v.
The game has unfortunately a lot of RNG, the first boss I had no chance with the cards.
Graphic-wise it does resemble The Darkest Dungeon :)

what is this url vs

(nothing against this game being here of course but card games don't interest me so I hope we'll have a variety of releases)
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This seems right up my alley, however I'd expect a Black Friday and a Winter sales soon. I don't know if I should jump in right now. Such a strange release window for a new game.

About the game, I noticed that it only takes up 95MB. Considering that sound and graphical assets make up most of that space, this means that the actual game logic might end up at around 1-2MB! I'm wondering how much content the game actually has. I'm slightly pissed of by RNG, but when I also notice low/extemely high variance in that RNG, then I find it utterly insufferable. The only way I can put up with RNG is when it's complemented by plenty of content. You know actually seeing the procedural generation at work.

Also, if this game turns out being just a reskined Hearthstone dungeon run, I'll be really pissed since I've played dungeon run, for the last 10 Hearthstone expansions. That's how creatively bankrupt Blizzard is these days.
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Jokingly asked: What does this have to do with Type-Moon's Fate series?
Fate Hunters Gameplay
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Oh, thank you. It looks rather dark, but also looks like I would have a lot of fun trying to win.
I just impulse-bought it because I liked the aesthetics, and it turned to be a very good game!

Unlike Slay the Spire, you can play every card in your hand freely, there are no Energy costs. The game flows faster than StS and there are a lot of effects and sinergies. The main theme of this game is "push your luck" and "risk-reward managing". If you pick up too much loot, your deck gets clogged with useless cards. And there are a lot of powerful cards that can only be used once per run, so you try to save them for a crucial moment as long as you can.

Visually feels a bit unpolished, though. Illustrations are top-notch but the UI feels a bit odd sometimes and the lack of animations and cutscenes is strange.