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Your post-apocalyptic playground.

UPDATE: The game comes with full Cloud saving support, exclusively on GOG Galaxy.

<span class="bold">Fallout 3 GOTY</span>, a post-apocalyptic action/RPG of ridiculous scale, is now available, DRM-free on

History as we know it got rebooted in 2077. As soon as you step outside Vault 101 and into the Capital Wasteland, you realise this world is overflowing with opportunity as it is with radiation. Who will you be, in this poisoned land? A curious adventurer, a mischievous scavenger, a heroic savior, or a terrible thug? No matter your path, the intuitive V.A.T.S. combat and the ever-present customization will make it a memorable one.

Want to dip your toes into the game's vast modding scene? Check out our <span class="bold">Mod Spotlight</span>.

Watch the trailer.
Post edited June 06, 2017 by maladr0Id
mechmouse: Anyone had any luck installing mods.

Just tried NMC texture mod, both manually and via the Nexus Mod Loader and no joy
mechmouse: Manually I copied the files to the specified directory, yet the textures remained the same

Mod loader said file is corrupt, so I'll try again.
without invalidation, if BSA files are newer (timestamp-wise) they will be read over loose files. Considering that BSAs in our installer are stamped 2017, you need archive invalidation
mechmouse: Had a look and it appears to be set on.
turn it off and on and it should reset the timestamps... though it depends on which mod organizer you use.
musteriuz: Thanks for that, Thiev, but I was hoping to figure out how to disable / deselect some of the original 20 songs. Besides, that link takes me to somewhere to do modding and I have never even tried to mod any of my 1500 games at any time in any way for any reason, so to see that is like a child standing at the start of a long, dark corridor - I have no particular desire to enter there. Help, Mommy...
You could either remove or replace audio files, that can be done without plugins / mods.
but removing would leave you with periods of radio silence
high rated
dudalb: Have a minor beef with GOG over their edition of Fallout 3 GOTY:No manual is included with the game. I still have my paper copy from the boxed edition, but would like to have a digital version. Work on it, GOG.
We are working on it. But for now there is no greenlight for adding extras to the games.
musteriuz: Thanks, so that means I can do what I would have liked to, but could you please explain to me how to go about adjusting the files? Since this is perhaps off-topic, pm will be fine.
I'll try to get some step-by-step guide tomorrow ;)