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Fairytale gone bad.

Once Upon a Time, a new DLC pack for Dungeons 3 is now available, DRM-free on
Sometimes Evil needs a break. Then a whole bunch of new things to break. Like the disgusting creatures of Fairyland, acting all superior and cheery for no good reason. Well, you have three new campaigns and hubs to give them a rude awakening and make sure they don't live happily ever after. Not if your exploding sheep have anything to say about it.
Once upon a time... nobody was interested in this DLC.
Please don't stop. keep them DLCs coming
I didn't preorder, so I can't get a complete version of the game, and I'm not spending $45 for a version with missing content.

Maybe when it hits 75% off. Plenty of other games to play until then.
I like the DLC. Thanks for making it!