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To arms, my noble Saxon knights!

Defender of the Crown, a 1986 turn-based strategy classic, originally launched on the Commodore Amiga, is available in all it's pixelated glory on, for $5.99!

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Cinemaware that will bring plenty of mouth-watering classics in their best available incarnations. Starting with Defender of the Crown, more classic titles from Cinemaware will release on with both PC and emulated Commodore Amiga versions. Yes, the graphically superior, awesome, beautiful and shiny Amiga versions!

Today's release is a wonderful gem straight from the 80s. Back in the day, Defender of the Crown set a new standard for graphical presentation and innovative, fresh gameplay. As the leader of an initially sparse pack of Saxon knights, building up your army and influence as you proceed, you'll have to stick it to the Normans in an effort to gain control of the war-torn medieval England. Your strategic prowess as well as your sword fighting skills will be severely tested. This turn-based strategy classic will have you saving damsels in distress with your blade, jousting with fearsome knights, and besieging Norman castles - all the while reveling in the Amiga quality sound and beautiful graphics.

Defeat those pesky Normans and unite England in Defender of the Crown, for $5.99 on
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high rated
And within the next days, we release a new Beta Update.
Cinemaware: And within the next days, we release a new Beta Update.
Sweet 8). I thought Beta 2 was going to be the final beta release. Thanks for the update.
Nothing wrong. Fez actually is a good game.
reminds me of this
here's some related amiga links


Also noteworthy forum, full of old amiga enthusiastics :)
There was an interesting thread about Defender of Crown too, the community is aware :)
There is also an remastered version of DotC and a new game called Robin Hood - Defender of the Crown aviable!
This versions aren't included in the package?
Are they released here later?
Which Cinemaware games are next?

DotC - Remastered Review: [url=][/url]

Robin Hood - Defender of the Crown Review: [url=][/url]
Are going to see a Mac and Linux release of this at some point?
thinking about buying this...
Holy... Defender of the Crown?! oO Now, THAT'S a release that got my interest (and a fair bit of nostalgia, jeez!).
I lost countless times in the joust in this game (and apparently I was not the only one. It's a relief, I thought I did something wrong in this minigame, or that I simply sucked). Instabuy for me.

Now, please release Midwinter, and I will have both favourite games of my squandered Atari yougth again ;)
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Some interesting background of Amiga situation:
On May 29, 2007, the new Managing Partner [of Hyperion] generated his own controversy by stating under oath that the open-source AmigaOS reimplementation AROS was "probably illegal", as documented on page 27 of court documents related to the Amiga-Hyperion court case. Once again no evidence was provided to back up this claim.
So, another Cinemaware release tomorrow perhaps? :3
Wishbone: Initial impressions:

Amiga emulation
- Slow and choppy, especially sound-wise.
- There does not appear to be any way to change any settings.
- Mouse sensitivity is uncomfortably high.

- The soundtrack is from the Amiga version.
- It was converted to MP3 by a deaf monkey with no sense of rythm. It plays much too slowly.
Sorry for resurrecting this thread but I knew that the soundtrack problem was mentioned somewhere in the forum - unfortunately not in the DOTC forum but in the news forum so here we go:

Regarding the Soundtrack. As far as I can see only the first track is too slow. I managed to speed it up 40% using Audacity and in comparision with a LP it does sound pretty correct now. Cinemaware has promised a fix months ago but here ist what I have now.