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Deep Diving Simulator - Adventure Pack is now available DRM-free. Save 25% on new DLC, and 50% on Deep Diving Simulator until September 13th, 4pm UTC.

Deep Diving Simulator will enable you to experience what it takes to be a modern diver. With relaxing exploration, you will discover the uncharted waters of the world while carefully monitoring your oxygen level and decompression.

The Adventure Pack contains a whole new adventure for the young diver who is trying to help his mentor Professor Adams unravel an ancient mystery! New mysteries, new puzzles, new challenges, new items, and new achievements await those brave enough to seek them out!
A very nice addiction to the base title!
Dogmaus: A very nice addiction to the base title!
Dogmaus: A very nice addiction to the base title!
Fairfox: MAYBE SO
i would most definitely play this, wish listed
What I don't understand about these various diving simulators is why none of them ever even approximately accurately model the actual means of controlling ascent or descent.

A Russian sim did a moderately decent job doing so, but it was lacking. This game is TERRIBLE in that regard, in my opinion. I mean, the game is entertaining, but it's pretty far from what it would be to experience actual diving. As an experienced SCUBA diver myself, I find this odd. I mean, the mechanism to control ascent and descent isn't THAT hard to understand, much less to model mathematically. You have extra weights on a belt (or in pouches) to help you stay under... they provide a constant gravitationally-based force downwards. You have a BCD (inflatable vest hooked up to your tank, with auxiliary mouth inflation usually present) which you fill with air, or release air from, to make you more or less bouyant (producing an upwards force) The air compresses with depth along a well-understood curve, and expands as you rise, so as you rise, bouyancy increases (requiring release of air from the BCD), and as you descend, bouyancy decreases (requiring air to be added to the BCD) if you don't want to drop like a stone or rise like a bubble.

The "add air/release air from the BCD" and "emergency drop the weights!" functions are not, mathematically, at all complicated. So why no one can ever actually model them reasonably accurately in a game... is just bizarre.

This is a fun game, but don't come away from it thinking you know ANYTHING about how diving actually works.
Post edited September 10, 2019 by CLBrown