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Full Release ahead!

<span class="bold">Bounty Train</span>, a railroad simulation/management game set in the Old West, has graduated Games in Development and is now available, DRM-free on

Ready to ride through America on your "steel horse"? Real historical events, bandit attacks, bold inventions, and your personal brand of business-handling are about to change the course of 19th century North America. The game's full release adds to the storyline, while bringing new quests and overall improvements to the GID version.

<span class="bold">upgrade to Trainium Edition</span> and gain access to sweet upcoming goodies: the digital artbook, the soundtrack, two special items, and the first DLC, once it's released.

Ride the trailer.
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Oh, and here is the answer I received a few hours ago:

We are currently finalising the Linux releaste version, this will come up soon :) I cannot give you a binding date yet, unfortunately ._.