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A wacky and joyful RPG Adventure, revisiting turn-based combat tropes – Born of Bread is now available on GOG with a -10% discount that lasts until December 12th, 6 PM UTC, and alongside its Digital Soundtrack, Digital Artbook, and Baker Edition (-8%)!

Beings from another age are causing havoc across the land! And with their mischief comes a great threat to everyone. The unlikeliest hero, a golem born of bread, will find himself and his newfound buddies in the middle of a drama that's thousands of years in the making. Together, they will visit incredible locals and meet fascinating characters. Although he may not look like much, Loaf might be the hero this land kneads.

Jump into the skin of this flour golem, explore the different regions of a wonderful world ripe with mysteries, and team up with a colorful cast of fleshed-out characters!

Born of Bread is OUT NOW!
Looks cute and interesting, wishlist for now.