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Ever felt like someone’s watching you? It’s 2018, they probably are, from multiple locations. But what if you went from the watched to the watcher?

Need to Know places players in the cutthroat world of a modern intelligence agency known as the Department of Liberty. Spy on the people, learn everything there is to know...or resist. Pledge yourself to the department or work with underground groups to help break free from suffocating surveillance.

Make your choice.

Need to Know, now available on GOG.COM with a 10% launch week discount. Offer ends September 4th, 6pm UTC.
looks okay but not what i expected it to be judging from the screenshots.
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Not sure if this game is like Papers, Please or like Orwell
Lone_Scout: Not sure if this game is like Papers, Please or like Orwell
I had a feeling of Dejavu , seems you have the same feeling :D.... its clearly inspired by those games.
Anyway its not my type of game i had doubts because some screens looked nice but after seeing the video, nah i skip this one.
Still waiting for that one game to arrive its almost like the blind auditions , they can't see who is singing so they judge only by hearing , and wait for that one moment to hit the button.

Havent hit any button, many new releases are more like real steam only game releases, colorful, shiny, crowded with objects and more like that, makes games almost a circus instead of a real experience to play like the good old classics: the games i'll play till i'm gone, good old games (ps: not every old game is good one)
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Goodbye zombies and vikings , hello social dystopian games .
Is it like Sid Meier's Covert Action?
Lone_Scout: Not sure if this game is like Papers, Please or like Orwell
I need to know as well! I would vastly prefer it to be less like Orwell. I want something in the vein of being able to do random exciting surveillance quests, with a cool story-line running through it.
Or you could just sign up to Facebook for developers.
Nice Orwellian references.

For those who did not read 1984, doing so might add to the enjoyment of this game.
Silverhawk170485: Is it like Sid Meier's Covert Action?
If only. I would love to see a reboot of Covert Action... Sadly, i don't think it will ever happen, it's a massively overlooked gem.
This game was the biggest disappointment this year so far for me (well, we have three more months, but I don't count on it); not even We Happy Few slapped me in the face so hard.

There are bugs, and when I say bugs I don't mean "oh well game crashed once"; picking certain things in game results in completely different outcomes (i.e. you mark someone as "match" and you're receiving a penalty for matching them as "not match"). Sometimes you have dialogues repeated two days in a row, sometimes dialogue window that supposes to be with person X result in a conversation with person Y.

This was a game that got almost 150 thousand on Kickstarter and was delayed almost two years (original release date was December 2016); all this time I was following them on Kickstarter, they were acting so passionate about this game, about developing it, they had quite open communication with bakers...
This game - at this moment, in patch 1.04 (four patches within few days since release...) isn't a result of passion - Darkwood, which was completed after even most hardcore supporters lost faith and accused devs of abandoning the project. Hollow Knight; probably best Metroidvania of the last decade was made with a budget of 57 thousand; such games are result of passion. the

So right now, after being hyped for over two years, I cannot recommend it to anyone; this is one of very few games in past few years that I've dropped mid-game; previous was base version of Mass Effect Andromeda.