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Here is a game for the fans of hard-boiled, noir detective stories. Blacksad: Under the Skin from Microids and Pendulo Studios is now available on GOG.COM DRM-free. Everyone who buys it until 21st November, 4 pm UTC, will get another great adventure game, Yesterday Origins, added for free.

New York City in the 1950s. Someone murdered a boxing club owner, Joe Dunn. At the same time one of the most promising ring stars, Bobby Yale goes missing. Are those two mysterious happenings connected? It looks like the case for private detective John Blacksad, who is hired to solve the mystery by Joe Dunn’s daughter, Sonia. As the story progresses, we uncover a major corruption scandal that involves members of the New York City underground.
i_ni: Hmm, wouldn't Unreal be a better fit?
Why would it be? Unreal or Unity; it shouldn't really matter. They're both just tools to accomplish similar tasks. I doubt it would look drastically different or better because of it.
This is definitely interesting, I just hope there's a good balance of story and puzzles.
Buf... sadly looking the sales of Blacksad here they ase a bit disappointing, hope in other stores are being better. On the other hand The Council seems is selling very well. If my old PC could run Blacksad i would have bought it but unfortunately is not the case, i will wait.

For Christmas i´m going to ask for "Santa" the integral graphic novel, something to read and enjoy, :)
argamasa: Buf... sadly looking the sales of Blacksad here they ase a bit disappointing, hope in other stores are being better.
That's sad to read. I've bought it at release and I'm very pleased. The system requirements are far too high, but the game is still great. I would buy a sequel immediately.
I want to get this, but maybe they'd have had better sales if it wasn't $56.95 in my currency.

Sorry but this is just too much for an untested franchise from a company I don't know.
Well, i´m based on the bestselling page for adventures. For example The Council or the Animation Arts Bundle are in the 7th page and Blacksad is in the 15th at the end. And i am sorry because i have a special look to Pendulo (they are Spanish and bought all the previous games from the company supported them).
This looks really cool but sadly the price is a bit high and sys req too steep for my potato of a PC. I really need to scrape some money together for a new PC. But this game looks really nice.