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A game in which you construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to immense fortresses and peaceful hamlets is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM. Besiege from Spiderling Studio offers campaign levels, with challenges and objectives, as well as large sandbox environments to test your destructive creations.

Buy Besiege on GOG.COM until 26th February 2020, 2 PM UTC, and get a special 50% discount.
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Last Discounted 7-Oct-2019
Does the game have a free play or sandbox mode? Or is just challenges?
Played it while it was on early access, it's a fun game.
I wasn't very good at creating things, but some managed to build cars that transform into flying mechs. :)
Oh God! It's outrageous! The abominable WinXP is mentioned in SysReq section! Haram! It's not supported anymore by nobody, and nobody uses it anymore, never and nowhere! Alarm! It's Russian hackers, sponsored by Chinese hackers, hacked GOG! Delete it immediately! Oh my poor eyes! My poor mind! My world is crumbling! I'm dying...
Nah, it just means the developers must still be using Unity 5. (Or possibly one of the earlier versions of Unity 2017, but that seems unlikely.)
IronArcturus: Does the game have a free play or sandbox mode? Or is just challenges?
last i played it, it did.
I'm surprised the base price is only $10, is it a relatively simple and short game?