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Prepare for an isometric adventure game set in the distant future. BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION is available DRM-free on GOG.COM. The game will let you explore a post-apocalyptic landscape, solve puzzles, meet new friends and make powerful enemies. You can mediate conflicts or fight on every step as you unravel the secrets of the surrounding world.

Until 4th March 2020, 5 PM UTC, when you buy BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION on GOG.COM you will get STASIS game for free. That's not all. If you already own STASIS, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will be available to you with a special 10% discount lasting also until 4th March 2020, 5 PM UTC.
tfishell: I didn't but the art style was very reminiscent of other RPGs, which made me assume it was an RPG.
It made me think of Torment: Tides of Numenera.
(not a bad game, at all... but (to me) a huge disappointment... and hardly an RPG)
Actually... maybe I would've liked Tides... better if they just made it a pure point&click adventure.
zazak09: I've tried installing the game on multiple computers and keep getting an endless black screen after the company logo. Can any GOG players verify that the game is working correctly for them?
Odd, I have not encountered this issue exactly. The game did hang a bit at launch and I got the game not responding pop up when I clicked the mouse after the logo. But it resolved itself and kept going. I get this every so often with Unity built games for some reason. Where they just appear to freeze during the initial load sequence if you make any sort of key board or mouse press.

After that the game ran fine. Hopefully they fix the issue. But for me the game is completely playable. Send a help ticket to GOG and post the issue in the Beautiful Desolation GOG Forums. The developers seems to be active there.

With the new policy you wont have any issues refunding the game if it just wont run on your system. A shame if it never gets working for you. It is a good game.
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eiii: I like the graphics. But several of the screenshots are quite blurry. Can someone who already has played the game tell me if the in-game graphics is sharp or also that blurry?
Some of the textures are sharp and some are a bit low resolution looking (might be more an art aesthetic choice than resolution. But not sure). Particularly the background textures and the world map. It is a relatively small game (5 or 6 gb download I think ) in comparison to games like Pillars of Eternity or Divinity OS 2.

But ACG talks about the blurriness in his review of the game. He mentions turning down the AA to low because it seems to introduce some kind of blur and he feels it does not look as good. I have not noticed it much my self and did not feel it was ugly or anything. But maybe by default it got set to low on my system. i have not checked the graphical settings yet.

The game is really good especially if you like point and click adventure games with some inventory based puzzles (there are spacial based puzzles as well) in the vain of Kings Quest. I feel it is nice to look at even if it does not have the graphical detail of some similar games. The animations and scenery are still nice to look at.
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so many nice vibes with this game, definitely wishlisted
Finished it yesterday. While I really enjoyed the world setting, characters and story, I found the actual gameplay overall less enjoyable than the previous Stasis and Cayne games. Some of the "figure out the right sequence" puzzles later on were a bit aggravating as well. I also was expecting to see more weird wildlife as was depicted in the early Kickstarter footage. Some of the animals in the actual game look way too normal. =/

It's at times incredibly easy to miss something which may be tied to a clue given in a conversation - at one point I ended up self-sabotaging myself due to an action of mine I didn't know prevented me from talking to a person which completely halted my progress until I accidentally fixed it again - that has the player backtracking all over the place. Backtracking can be a major pain with the spread out world maps since it can take a while to hop from one area to the next and then actually run around said area to see what may have been missed.

So yeah, I think it's a bit of a hit-and-miss.