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In the distant future, a destructive war still wages on. Heavy Metal is a new DLC from Paradox Interactive. It gives BATTLETECH gamers 8 new ‘Mechs and some additional weapon systems to use with deadly accuracy in this turn-based strategy game. Heavy Metal DLC also includes a Flashpoint Mini-Campaign featuring two characters that are known to all fans of the BATTLETECH franchise, which turned 35 this year.

The Heavy Metal DLC release comes with a set of special discounts. First of all, now you can buy the original BATTLETECH and its Digital Deluxe Edition 66% off. Moreover, BATTLETECH Mercenary Collection, Digital Deluxe Content, Flashpoint, Urban Warfare, and Shadow Hawk Pack will be available with a 50% discount, while Season Pass – 33% off. The promo ends on 25th November, at 11 PM UTC.
Thanks gog!
this game is in my wishlist... once the key issue is sorted I'll grab it
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Gylfe: Does anyone elses patch installers just hang? I can install so long as as uninstall and reinstall the entire game every time, but no patches work. Any ideas?
BitMaster_1980: From what I can tell every Battletech patch just takes a long, long time but eventually does complete.
I really appreciate the response!

I thought that too, so I let it go one night. Four hours later I came back and it was just hung up at 5% or whatever it was when I left it. The same spot it always hangs at, every single patch I tried to install. I havr a pretty high end pc too. I guess if its not a common issue Ill try to see if support can help, but this is the only game it happens with and Ive tried downloading them a couple different ways (the downloader, different browsers, ect. Just not galaxy)
hang at Galaxy install is a common issue with Galaxy i.e, its the gog server

when you grab a new dlc, don't open galaxy and press on that dlc right away or you will be locked because Galaxy is already auto downloading it i.e, twice... if you do this then cancel the update and leave it a minite and Galaxy will fix itself

p.s, Paradox was sent the keys in now so thanks again gog