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The night is dark and full of epic art.

UPDATE: The Digital Extras are finally here, and boy do they look cool! There's a PDF Art book, plus a 27-track soundtrack composed by Clark Powell and Jesper Kyd, who you may know from his work in the Assassin's Creed series.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is now available, DRM-free on
Featuring classic JRPG-style combat and the epic art of Joe Madureira, it follows the exploits of its diverse cast of comic book characters fighting through randomly generated dungeons. Traps, puzzles, secrets, a rich story and plenty of bloodthirsty monsters are calling to you - just make sure you pick the right skills and craft the sweetest gear before you go exploring.

Watch the trailer.
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NuffCatnip: Ah, okay, thanks.
Heeeey.. where's that soundtrack at??

Oh, checked over on Steam and looked like there will be an update to the game sometime tomorrow from fan input about the later half of the game and some other things. Not sure if they'll be updating around same time for GOG but something to let folks know about.

Think I'll still get the game here. It doesn't have any reason for needing Steam like multiplayer or something... I'll keep this one DRM free and on the go, thanks. :)

Watched someone play the game as a first look earlier today when the NDA was lifted and I didn't even watch the whole video before deciding I really want this game!

Thank you for bringing this over!
And... redeemed my KS key! ^.^
This game is really good, and despite what some reviewers have claimed, it's balanced just about perfectly. Not a grindfest at all unless you deliberately avoid crafting (enchantments alone can ease or eliminate almost every difficulty spike, especially if you use more ingredients than necessary to get even better stat bonuses).

And the soundtrack and art are godly.
Looking good.
Just too a quick peek over at Steam, you can already buy the Digital Extras there, when will we get them over here?
high rated
ThomNG: Enjoy and have fun!
You really should have explained what happened to the Linux version in the announcement post. It's improper to be silent about it, when Linux support was pulled from the store page a day before release. Here is a relevant quote if anyone missed that:

I'm very sorry we couldn't get the Linux version ready by launch. We're a small indie developer, and we just didn't have the resources to get it in a state we felt players would be happy with by launch.

We had asked our publisher to pull down the Linux platform last week from Steam and GoG, but unfortunately it didn't happen until yesterday. If you preordered hoping to play Linux day one, please feel free to get a refund. Let us know if you have any trouble there and we'll help get it sorted out.

We are working on the Linux version and hope to have it in decent shape in the next few weeks.

So sorry, guys!
Linux community can understand, there can be unexpected issues that can require more effort and etc. But please, communicate things, especially in the release announcements!
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Nice! Was worried that this wasn't coming to GOG.
Great, and bought.
QUick question. Randomly generated dungeons.
But there is a plot story right?.
Damn, this looks pretty sweet.
avatar Featuring classic JRPG-style combat
What kind of combat, exactly? There is no single "classic JRPG-style" combat; I've played many and even line combat has different styles (such as positioning mattering, even though you have no control over position, for example). I know a lot of people consider "ATB" to be classic JRPG-style combat. I guess what I'm really asking is: what are this game's real-time requirements? Is there a skill check during combat? Are there real-time mini-games?

Also, given the cancellation of the Linux version, does this at least work in Wine+Mesa?
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Huh, reminds me so much of FF8.... that's always a good thing ;)
Niggles: QUick question. Randomly generated dungeons.
But there is a plot story right?.
There's a story, yeah. It's usually pushed along by what happens before and after the (non-random) boss fight the first time you go through each dungeon, though there's a ton of lore and stuff to find on the way to the boss that fleshes out the story a bit. And dungeons are the only randomized part, so there's plenty of story stuff outside of them.

darktjm: What kind of combat, exactly? There is no single "classic JRPG-style" combat
It shares similarities with SNES Final Fantasy games and the Grandia series, but there's enough uniqueness to the way things work that just saying that is kind of misleading. There's a strong focus on inflicting status effects on enemies (which can be stacked to have a greater effect) and planning out when the best time is to use certain attacks or healing moves, with stronger moves delaying that character's turn a bit. Normal attacks also generate temporary mana that disappears after the battle is over, so there's a vaguely I Am Setsuna-ish element of prolonging fights so that you can wrap things up with as much health as possible without using up your normal mana.

There are no real-time parts of combat, though inside of dungeons enemies will pursue you in real time as soon as they see you. Also, characters have abilities that can be used when they're at the head of the party during dungeons, and using certain abilities right before combat starts can cause your party to start off with positive buffs or enemies to start off with negative status effects. It's not crucial to do so, though.

The only minigame I can think of is fishing, and that has a real-time component where you have to watch the direction the fish is moving and press the opposite direction to reel it in, but it's a completely avoidable part of the game.
Beautiful release! :)