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A title with such a cinematic story is not released every day. A Plague Tale: Innocence is an adventure and stealth game set in the times when all hope seems to fade. A young but very strong girl Amicia de Rune must save her gifted brother Hugo from the clutches of all-mighty inquisition and hordes of rats in a plague-infested medieval France. Our heroine will have to use all of her courage to survive against the overwhelming odds.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM. Until 3rd December, 2 PM UTC, the game is available with a 50% discount. And that’s not all – if you buy A Plague Tale: Innocence during the first 24 hours from its release (that is until 27th November, 2 PM UTC) you’ll get a DLC called Coat of Arms for free.
Bought. I've been waiting a long time to play this. Thanks Focus Home and GOG!
What choice do I have... I've managed to resist Warlords 3, but this also comes with a huge discount. What am I supposed to do when the autumn sale comes?
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high rated
Why do you do this to me, GOG? Two great releases on a day I have no money!

Oh, and no proper gaming PC, but that's never stopped me before.
Awesome! Now Styx series on GOG and we're golden.
ShadowWulfe: Awesome! Now Styx series on GOG and we're golden.
Including Of Orcs and Men.
thanks for the awesome release

now fix this
My poor poor wallet, Thanks Focus and GOG.

This makes me hope you won't wait too long to bring The Surge 2 here as well.
Another fantastic release from Focus Home, congratulations!
ShadowWulfe: Awesome! Now Styx series on GOG and we're golden.
idbeholdME: Including Of Orcs and Men.
I'm looking forward to Of Orcs and Men and the various Styx sequels from their release, hopefully the wait is coming to an end!
Some fool is giving 1 star reviews to a great release.
I loaded the page thinking I may see the Fall Sale happening, but instead I'm greeted with yet more fantastic releases. Now what to do when the Sale actually launches and I have no money? Wait, that's already the case...
All right, i'm never buying a Focus game on Steam again, since I end up re-buying them here before I even get a chance to play them.

I already played GreedFall, so take your time with that one.
in some ways this reminds me of hellblade. from the gameplay trailer it seems to have incredible mocap, but seems to fall a little short in the world and animation. i would normally buy this but i don't think i will since i already have hellblade and it feels i'd be doing similar things to that. besides that, looks great.
Sold! Thank you GOG.
Never heared of that - might have something to do with me ignoring the whole gaming industry if it's not on gog :-)

Looks charming. Bought & added to backlog as #98271 !