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The great outdoors.

Avernum 3: Ruined World is now available 10% off until February 7, 2PM UTC.
The hardcore turn-based RPG series is moving upwards! The surface world is in turmoil and in a perverse twist of fate, it is now up to the exiles from the underground realm of Avernum to clean up the mess.
Lead a custom-made team of brave Avernites through hill and dale, unleash powerful spells against plagues of monsters, and watch cities change as your adventure goes on.

Grab the Hint Book & Extras to help you in your quest.

Complete your Jeff Vogel collection with our special Spiderweb Sale, which lasts until February 5, 11PM UTC.
EndreWhiteMane: A manual is always included in Jeff's games as memory serves. This seems a simple GOG copy error.
Hint books have been available for the last 2 games on his website, just not here. This overall is an improvement.
The books cost a tad more ($0.99) here though, that's a bit odd. Perhaps the wallpapers?
Hey Endre!

Well, the manual's still part of Avernum 3: Hint Book & Extras, and given that manuals are not commonly part of paid extras/upgrades, I wonder if it's a copy error on GOG's part.

As for the price difference, it must be the mysterious exclusive desktop art...

So, is a blue-text going to shed some light on the manual situation, as well as the actual content of the exclusive desktop art?
i_hope_you_rot: Avernum / Avadon series :
Remake ? Not remake ? Buy this or buy all ? Now i'm completely lost .
Avadon is a new series whereas it's the Avernum series that's getting a revamp/update :)
Niggles: So are these current editions the ones to get for the best complete experience?.
Darvond: Yes, very much so. Not only is the matter of the old games barely scaling to 1024 x 768 no longer an issue, but there were other issues as well.
Cheers for that. Bought!!!.:D
dtgreene: So, in other words, Spiderweb Software has learned to make the end-of-demo messages more clear.
It was a long, long time ago. I no longer remember the message itself. Maybe it was more clear than I remember it.
The full game is available for free now. I would certainly like to revisit it one day.